Throws for sofas are one of the most appealing ways of accessorising your couch. Visit our FIVE FAVOURITE THROWS here or read on for advice on how to choose your new throw!

Not only do throws provide a luxurious and decadent ambience, they are also a practical way of tying together the colour scheme or theme of a room.

As the focal point, your sofa will be the item of furniture from which all other elements of the room take inspiration, so you ought to think carefully about what kind of colours and textures you might use for your thows.

If you want your living room to impress your guests, follow our advice


Throws For Sofas

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Colourful throws for sofas are a fantastic way of injecting personality into your living room. If you are a traditionalist, you might consider a modern twist on the quintessential plaid throw.

John Hanly offers a fun and varied  selection of high quality lambswool and merino throws. Here at, our favourite is the pink and green tartan lambswool throw, available at Liberty (UK) or the Jovi Home Scotch Chenille (USA). See them all on our throws page.


Aztec Throw

(2) Bold Patterns


If you see yourself as more Bohemian, why not create some drama with bold patterns.

Nothing is more on trend right now than printed textiles.Wave goodbye to minimalism and say a big hello to Aztec print, geometric shapes and Kantha-inspired patchwork quilts.


Create drama with an aztec throw??? Click throw for details


(3) Neutral Palettes

If you prefer calmer and more muted hues, look no further than the Draper Stripe Chinois throw, available in both blue and black.

Draper Striped Chinois Throw

Draper Striped Chinois Throw

Neutrally-biased throws have instant chic appeal, and also afford you the option of using different accent colours for cushions and other home furnishings.

(4) Seasoned Pro

We wouldn’t dress in heavy knits during the highs of summer, so why should your couch? Summer months should be all about light linen drapes. What could be more perfect than the ombré Saraille Magenta linen throw lazily strewn over your sofa?

During the winter months, play around with warm and rich textures. As soon as the temperature drops, we will be lounging on the woollen Wilson Indigo Throw drinking hot chocolate!

Styling your throw

The best thing about styling your throw is that there are no rules! Whether balance and symmetry is your thing, or you prefer slung-together topsy turvy, it really doesn’t matter. Some people choose to centrally place their throw and fold it over the back rest, whilst others opt to slink it over one arm of the sofa for a more slouchy and ‘lived-in’ vibe.

Now why not view’s favourite throws on this page. Click on the picture below to be taken you our Chesterfield Sofa gallery.

Chesterfield Sofa