To create a home space that is stylish, colourful, and above all personal, the most versatile decorative items you can use are sofa cushions, pillows and throws. The role of a cushion/pillow is two-fold:

  • they project style and personality
  • they tie together the theme, colour scheme and general ambience of the room.

Chesterfield Sofa Cushions

What Do Your Sofa Cushions Say About You?

Our number one rule at is to never match your cushion to your sofa – it’s dull and lifeless. On the other hand, you don’t want your pillows to be so mismatched that your couch resembles the aftermath of an all-night rave in a charity shop!

Rather, each cushion should be carefully thought-out, yet the overall effect seemingly effortless.

So how do we achieve this?

Playing By The Rules

1. Avoid matching your sofa cushions to your sofa.

2. Numbers: 3-seater sofas can take up to six cushions, whilst 2-seater sofas normally take four.

3. Colours should be of similar or complementary hues.

4. It’s okay to mix patterns as long as they don’t detract from one another. i.e. don’t place two contrasting ‘busy’ prints together.

5. Don’t be afraid to use different shapes and sizes.


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Whimsical Florals

Break up busy print cushions with block colours. The Jinstyles Cotton Canvas Floral Accent pillow throw is easily married with the Solid Grey Decorative Accent Pillow from the same range.

Decorative Sofa Cushions
Tribal and Geometric Prints

Aztec CushionThey shouldn’t work, but they do; tribal, ancara and geometric prints look fantastic when styled together. The Greendale Home Fashions Zig Zag Toss Pillows in Village Blue look great when teamed with the Indoor/Outdoor Accent pillow or Melyn Tregwynt’s Navy St David’s Cross Wool Cushion, available at Liberty.

Cushion Catwalk

Just like fashion, the interior design world is constantly evolving. One of the best things about pillows and sofa cushions is their affordability, which means you can continue to freshen up your sofa and room from season to season by adding to or re-arranging your cushion collection. Indulge trends and quirky accents.

Here are some of our favourite trends. Click on the pictures to be taken through to their online shop. Alternatively view’s selection of favourite cushions that compliment Chesterfield Sofas

***TOP TIP***

Always buy online! Buying online enables you to draw together cushions from various sources. Being able to see the complete look online is a lot easier than trying to visualise it in a busy store.

1. Wildlife & Animals

Badger Cushion Owl Cushion

2. Letters

E Cushion K Cushion

3. Gypsy Bohemia

Graham and Green provide a one stop shop for all things Bohemian! Check out their Embroidered Gypsy Caravan Cushions

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