Second Hand Chesterfield Sofa

Our Guide to Buying a Second-Hand Chesterfield Sofa

A Chesterfield is among those rare objects which may actually be more attractive used than bought from new. Its natural maturing as time passes can add genuine character and warmth to a room, completing a trendy home-design. Show me a sizeable room and I will be able to sniff out somewhere that a second hand Chesterfield Sofa can look amazing.

However does feature brand NEW Chesterfields at great prices here, so check it out now before reading on.

Second Hand Chesterfield Sofa

Even small rooms can greatly benefit from a tactically placed winged armchair – my first Chesterfield was exactly that, and was the catalyst that ignited my passion for this gorgeous couch.

The wonderful news is that it is possible to pick-up the majority of these vintage chairs for very affordable prices.

There are many places that sell or advertise second-hand Chesterfields (Craigslist, Gumtree, local newspapers etc.), but for a larger variety and ease of purchase, we shall concentrate on buying from the mothership of second hand merchandise: buy ativan best offer for ativan online eBay.


Purchasing a Chesterfield Sofa from eBay.

This short guide obviously concentrates on one particular type of product: the Chesterfield Sofa. Nonetheless, the subsequent tips may well be successfully applied to purchasing anything off eBay.

Average Chesterfield Sofa Prices

The table beneath gives us an overall understanding of what the ball-park cost is for the object of our desire. The costs relate to a typical, brown-colored leather Chesterfield that is in a fairly good condition (usual wear but no scratching or ripping).

Average Prices 2013 – Chesterfield Sofa.

Leather Chesterfield*

Second Hand Chesterfield Prices

*Velvet Chesterfield Sofas are typically cheaper to buy than the classic leather counterpart.

So, let us use a handful of eBay shopping tricks to see if we are able to steal ourselves a good deal!

Tip 1 – Use Auction-Only Auction Only

The vast majority of the Chesterfield Sofa selections that you’ll see on the first couple of pages will be from retailers with “buy it now” products.

Even though a large number are excellent retailers with superb Chesterfields being offered, this is not what we’re looking for here. If you’re interested in buying a brand new Chesterfield Sofa, visit our buyer’s guide.

Tip 2 – Search For Poor Listings

It never ceases to shock and amaze me just how many instances I view an eBay ad that boasts a terrible photo or a title that doesn’t describe the item properly. These tend to be the things that make it possible to pick up cheap deal as most people scroll right past them. I have bought so many products incredibly cheaply actively searching for these listings.

Also, search for phrases like “winged armchair” or “tufted leather sofa” in an effort to get hold of Chesterfield Sofas that could have been misrepresented!

Tip 3 – Check the LocationCollection Only

The logistics of shipping a sizeable sofa are really tricky. For this reason almost all of the eBay listings are pickup only. Buying from a location you can pick the sofa up from is very important.

Tip 4 – Submit a Best OfferBest Offer

Nearly 50% of Chesterfield Sofas (if not more) do not sell, having been listed on eBay. This could be because the chair is in a fairly awful condition and not a single person is interested, but typically it’s because the vendor has listed the item with a large starting price.

This can be great news as the seller is commonly annoyed after a prolonged, boring auction and will quite often desperately wish to sell their goods. (I know this because I have been that vendor often enough – never with my Chesterfield though!).

Be sure you identify these items and take advantage of eBay’s ‘best offer’ feature, where you can make an offer for the item and have the seller look into accepting it. Make sure to write a email saying you can pay cash and collect the sofa up in the next week, as I’ve found this often seals the deal.

Buying Chesterfield on Ebay

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Hopefully you are now armed with the right information to get bidding and start winning. A stunning Chesterfield Sofa with your name on it waits for you, and it’s going to be yours for a bargain!

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    looking for leather oxblood/burgandy chersterfield sofa, two cushion or three as long as they are upper 70′ or lower 80′ range without rips or tears

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