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Cleaning a Chesterfield Sofa

This page is gives you all the information you need to keep your Chesterfield Sofa clean. Head over to our other pages If you’d prefer reading about buying or displaying a Chesterfield

The chesterfield sofa is an emotive piece of furniture. After you have bought one, you soon realize that it is an item that will stay with you wherever you go and, the sofa’s versatility means it can fit into almost any home design you have in mind. It is extremely hardwearing and will last a lifetime, which is more than can be said for other sofas on the market.

However, it’s not infallible and if it isn’t maintained and cleaned regularly, its sophisticated, impressive look will start to wane. We have always had Chesterfield sofas in our family and they never fail to become the centerpiece of the room in which they reside. This is, of course due to their quality cheap ultram online ultram consultation and stylish look, but also thanks to a quick and simple regime that we swear by for cleaning a Chesterfield Sofa.

Depending on whether your Chesterfield is leather or in rarer cases velvet, cleaning a chesterfield sofa can be performed in two different ways. With minimal work, you too can remain proud of this charming couch for years into the future.


On a DAILY BASIS: Keep a large bottle of distilled water in a convenient location and use the water to dampen a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Then, softly wipe down the whole sofa with the cloth, removing dust and hydrating the leather. (Distilled water is used as the high chlorine content in most tap water causes damage to leather over time)

On a WEEKLY BASIS: Making sure to always use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, vacuum behind cushions and anywhere else dirt and dust may accumulate. CAUTION! Cleaning a Chesterfield Sofa with a normal vacuum head (i.e without a brush attachment) will mark and damage the leather.

On a MONTHLY BASIS: Use an approved leather cleaning and conditioning solution to remove ingrained dirt adhering to the instructions on the back. These are our recommended products for cleaning a leather Chesterfield.

Leather Cleaner - USALeather-Cleaner-UKLeather Cleaner - AUS

There are many cleaning products to choose from but they all remove ingrained dirt from the surface and soften the leather, leaving it supple.

*Never use wet wipes to wipe down leather surfaces – even though it might give a good finish it will significantly degrade the condition of the sofa.



Distilled Water

Chlorine in the water supply affects the leather – Use distilled water.



Use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum to avoid dark marks on your Chesterfield Sofa


A velvet chesterfield sofa is a different kettle of fish as they attract far more dirt and hairs (especially if you have pets or hairy family members!). Velvets can be manufactured using a range of materials (silk, synthetics etc.) so do check the manufacturer’s label for specific cleaning instructions. However, the following steps can be applied to all velvet sofas.

On a DAILY BASIS: Again using a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, run it against the nap of the velvet (raised, fuzzy surface) removing any dirt from underneath. Apply the same procedure underneath the cushions.

On a MONTHLY BASIS OR AS REQUIRED: Using an approved upholstery cleaner, spray or apply lightly onto any stained or dirty areas. Ensure that the material does not become too wet. Apply a clean cloth to the area and lightly dab. Here are our recommended cleaning products for fabric Chesterfields.

* Never scrub with the cloth as this will cause damage to the material.

Upholstery Cleaner - USA Upholstery Cleaner - UKUpholstery Cleaner - AUS

Regardless of material, the Chesterfield sofa is a familial workhorse and can withstand constant use. As commonly mentioned at mychesterfieldsofa, scuffage and wear can add character to your Chesterfield and increase it’s attractiveness. Chesterfield Sofa cleaning is very important and if you don’t apply these easy, quick steps, your beloved chair will turn from the sexy shabby chic showpiece into a tired, battered sofa that would look more at home in a skip.

BONUS MATERIAL – When you are cleaning a Chesterfield Sofa and you discover a stain, we recommend reading this article that gives tips for removing different stains from leather.

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