Chesterfield Sofas: 5 Reasons to Own One

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(1) Style

Chesterfield Sofas are the epitome of classic style. They are to furniture what Bentleys are to automobiles, Cartier is to watches and James Bond is to women. In a word; STYLISH. Their sleek, distinctive look oozes sophistication, and Chesterfield Sofas, with their rolled arms and buttoned tufting, command a place in any home that considers itself even the slightest bit chic.

Bentley Cartier2 Bond

Left – Right – Centre –

Chesterfield Sofas

I once got turned away from a German nightclub by a bouncer for not dressing “Klassik” enough. If only I had my Chesterfield with me.


With them being so aesthetically pleasing, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Chesterfield Sofas must be uncomfortable to sit on. Not only is the couch like lounging on a cloud, it is one of the few sofas that is genuinely good for your back. A large number of ‘C-shaped’ sofas encourage slouching, positioning your tailbone in a way that puts significant pressure on your lumbar discs. The traditional Chesterfield’s firm tufting and cushioning promotes more of a ‘S-shaped’ seat, supporting the lower back and aiding one’s posture.

Chesterfield Sofas - Dog


Above –

(3)”Wow” Factor

My Chesterfield Sofas are, without doubt, the most admired and extolled objects in my house. They never fail to extract a chorus of oohs, aahs and “where did you get that sofa from?” out of my guests. If you want something that other people are going to talk about as they reverse out of your driveway, you might want to choose something out our gallery . (This isn’t mine though – I’m a little too conservative)
Crazy Chesterfield Sofas




It Really is the George Clooney of sofas. It gets older, it gets scuffed and inconceivably, it becomes more attractive as it does so. A sofa is alledged to have an average lifespan of just under eight years. However, I’d go as far to say that Chesterfield sofas are just beginning their lives at the eight year mark. Below –

Beautiful Chesterfield Sofas



It baffles me how a piece of furniture with its massive history can still be widely used in modern society in such a vast range of places. Chesterfield Sofas, first made in the 18thcentury, now appear in homes, offices, gentleman’s clubs, bars, shops, snooker halls and TV talk-shows to mention a few, all the while remaining completely fit for purpose. It is the one item of furniture I know that can look beautiful in both a young hipster’s gritty Brooklyn flat and also my Gran’s terraced house.

Velvet Chesterfield Sofas


Above – Below –



The Chesterfield sofa is an object you fall in love with. I have moved house five times in the last three years and that sofa is one of the only items I own that has followed me throughout. I guarantee that with its looks, comfort and versatility, you will never get rid of it.

There are numerous reasons why you need to have this interior design icon in your life, but we’ve boiled it down to just five, giving you all the motivation you need to go out and get one. Either that or simply fall a little bit more in love with the one you already own! Now head over to our selection of recommended Chesterfield Sofas where you can buy yourself one of these vintage dreams.

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