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Chesterfield Chair

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The Chesterfield chair is very underrated. Yes, we all love the Chesterfield Sofa here at and why shouldn’t we, it’s beautiful.

However, it is not that common to hear about the sofa’s smaller brother; the Chesterfield armchair.We are now going to look more closely at the reasons why you should make it your by order accutane FDA Acne Health Accutane next purchase.


(1) An entire Chesterfield suite is too much

The humble Chesterfield chair is the perfect way to add a subtle, timeless feel to your sitting room without appearing too ‘try hard’. Maybe a full suite is just a bit too much for your taste. Don’t worry, you can strategically place the chesterfield armchair almost anywhere and achieve a superb look.

(2) Sophistication

Not unlike one of the main reasons we endorse you buying a chesterfield settee, one of the biggest reasons to invest in a chair is the sophistication it oozes. The Chesterfield style has been around for more than 200 years and today, it’s never been so popular. You can’t argue with the masses on this one – it is a mature and sophisticated chair.

Wingback Chesterfield Chair

(3) The Reading Chair

Is it weird that I get excited about a reading chair?! There is something a little perverse about

Chesterfield Chair - Reading Chair

the thrill I get from creating a space in my home where, when I have a free hour here or there, I retire to a quiet corner in order to sit comfortably and read armed with my favourite drink.


There is a place in a corner of my lounge where my classic, brown leather Chesterfield chair sits, surrounded by an art deco standing lamp and two bookshelves, laden with great novels. It’s the perfect reading chair and relaxing on it at the end of a long day to escape with a book is a dream.

(4) Cost

I’ve been there. Wanting desperately to create a stylish space to call my own but without the sufficient funds or budget to do so. It has pained me a little over the years to have to furnish my home with generic, bland furniture available at most budget stores.

Enter the Chesterfield armchair – if you want to add real identity to a room without spending too much, getting one is the obvious choice. We have two great places on this site that can help you find a beautiful new armchair or if budget permits, a second-hand one.

(5) Fashion

Quite rightly Chesterfield settees are fashionable, and with their characteristic rounded arms and deep buttoned upholstery, I can’t see them going out of fashion anytime soon. The Chesterfield chair is a great addition to any space trying to achieve a fashionable look. With a tremendous range of armchairs available on the market, they can effortlessly bring together most interior designs – whether it be a vintage, shabby-chic or a more contemporary look.

Chesterfield Chair



So hopefully we’ve done our job in persuading you to really consider adding this gorgeous piece of furniture to your space if its not there already. We know the larger two and three seaters get most of the publicity but you’ll be sure to see a few great examples of the armchair in our collection of photos.

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