Arc Floor Lamp

Sofas are to a room what actors are to a stage: the focal point! And where there is a focal point, a spotlight isn’t too far behind! An Arc Floor Lamp offers so much more than its basic functional purpose. Arc Floor Lamps are stylish, elegant and add stylistic interest and delicate ambience to any room.

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Arc Floor Lamp

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Arc Lighting

Nothing is quite as sophisticated nor stylish as the Achille Castiglioni Arco Floor Lamp. Originally designed in 1962, the Arco Floor Lamp has lost none of its appeal. With its marble base and beautifully structured aluminium arch and dome, this timeless piece has swiftly become a design icon.

The lamp is so popular that the style has been emulated by other designers at a fraction of the valtrex valtrex cost. The Kardiel Arco Style Floor Lamp and the Street Arco Style Marble Floor Lamp by ModSage are both great alternatives.arc floor lamp

Best of the Rest: Arc Lamps



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The Chrome Finish Adjustable Arm Floor Lamp
The Dimond Penbrook Chrome Finish Arc Lamp
The Nova Five Light Brushed Nickel Mushroom Floor Light
The George Kovacs Polished Chrome Floor Lamp
The Nova Red and Black Ibis Floor Lamp
The Bridget Town Satin Nickel Arc Lamp

Why Choose an Arc Floor Lamp?

These lamps are the perfect way to introduce direct, ambient lighting to a room. Unlike suspension lights, arc floor lamps offer a warm, isolated glow which can be focused on one particular area yet will still diffuse to the rest of the room.

Here are some important things to consider:

  1. Height – Taller arc floor lamps are great for general room ambiance. If you are after more of a spotlight, choose a slightly smaller model, as this will help focus the light.
  2. Lighting – Fabric drum shades and chrome domes will emit different shades of light. Take time to find a shade that is right for you.
  3. Style – Considering their height, arc floor lamps are largely unobtrusive and incredibly versatile. What looks casually elegant in one house can look like a structural art statement in another.

Styling Your Lamp

Not only do arc floor lamps provide great light, they are also an iconic piece of furniture, so don’t be afraid to make an interior design statement! If you are after a cosy reading nook, position your arc floor lamp just behind or to the side of your armchair or sofa. Arc Lamps also look great placed above dining tables.

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