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Chesterfield Sofa

We’ve made a place dedicated to the Chesterfield Sofa. Find everything here from buying to displaying and cleaning this remarkably cool and fashionable settee.

Chesterfield Sofa

What is a Chesterfield?

This is not a stupid question.



This is not a stupid question because there really is no exact definition for a Chesterfield sofa. Most of us have our own answers to this question but they usually vary a little bit. The founders of describe a Chesterfield chair as one that;



   Rounded Arms


   Deep buttoned leather, or sometimes fabric, upholstery


   The backs and sides are of equal proportions




   Classic and simple in design



If your settee has most, if not all, of the above characteristics you are the proud owner of the finest sofa on earth – The Chesterfield!



We adore this classic, vintage sofa not only because it looks so good but because of its vast history. Even though it was first created more than 200 years ago and was the first real example of sofas as we know them, the Chesterfield remains incredibly fashionable and chic.



We hope this site can give you as much information on this gorgeous couch as possible and perhaps persuade you to make it part of your home.



If you would like to find high quality sellers of Chesterfields in your area, check out our location specific buyer’s guide where you’ll find places that have hundreds of different Chesterfield Sofas for sale.




Alternatively, we offer some great tips, tricks and cleaning product reviews for cleaning your Chesterfield Sofa. Following our cleaning advice will see that your leather or velvet sofa stay remarkably clean without damaging the chair in any way.



Finally this site was created to give you inspiration and brilliant ideas of how to display your Chesterfield. We tell you what looks best in a room with this shabby-chic sofa and other kind of furnishings that compliment it. Go there now and check it out



Chesterfield Sofa Varieties

Hopefully you should have a good idea by now of what is a Chesterfield Sofa. If you still are unsure go and see Wikipedia’s description of it

Alternatively, watch this cool video for the chance to see how the Chesterfield is made

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